What motivates me…

Yes, I have a diploma from ‘Institut de Formation Naturopathique’ (IFN), trained according to the HYGIONOMISTE ® approach and principles, the equivalent of 1900 hours of class time.

Yes, I am an AINH (International Association of HYGIONOMISTE ® Naturopathy) member as well as a CNQ (College of Naturopaths of Quebec) and SES (Société ÉducoSanté) member.

BUT… this is not what motivates me to assist you in your healing.

That motivation is a very personal one.  It stems from my own experience in healing and health.

I lived with chronic pain for over ten years.  I went through a very dark period of intense anxiety.  For many years I was frequently sick and lacking enough energy and vitality that it was difficult for me to function.  I have gone through depression.  This is surprising since I am a person with an intense joy and love for life.

I did not understand why this was all happening to me since I really believed I was putting in place everything I needed to in order to feel healthy and well.  Despite all of my efforts, I was out of balance and lacking energy.  I was desperate for a solution.

I put my health in the hands of many different professionals.  I was looking for someone who could heal me.  I did not understand that by doing so, I was taking all of my healing powers and placing it in someone else’s hands.

Since this did not lead to any satisfactory solution, I decided to find one on my own.  I am so unbelievably grateful for this persistent determination and this unshakable faith which inhabit me, and which allowed me to keep moving forward, holding dear the belief that I would reach my goal.

I spent the last twelve years of my life questioning myself about health.  I have reflected upon all of the possible mechanisms that set healing into motion.  I have pondered all of the different aspects of life and wellbeing. I have immersed myself in the many different approaches the medical world offers, including conventional, holistic and alternative medicine.  I have wondered about the ways different cultures and societies position themselves in terms of health and healing.  I have tried to understand why it is that some people heal and others do not. 

Many things remain a great mystery… but that is what makes life so interesting and wonderful.  The most important conclusion I have reached is the following:

The body and mind’s most natural state is health, wellbeing and balance.  It is imperative that we put into place life habits (inside and out), which are not only conducive to attaining this natural state, but which also allow us to maintain it.

While we do this we must keep in mind an essential truth: all of the different areas of our lives work hand in hand.  Healing is in the balance of all that we are.  The symbiosis between our different bodies (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual) is fundamental to the balance necessary in feeling good, at peace and at ease.  Treating any one of these aspects at a time is not propitious to a satisfying solution in the long run.

This all may seem complicated, but in reality, nothing could be more simple.  It is so simple that if someone had explained it to me in those terms, all these years ago, I would not have believed it. 

You do not have to be convinced.  I will be for you.  I have experienced these principles personally.  Sharing them with you brings me incredible joy.  I am convinced that you already possess these abilities because they are your birthright. 

I have healed.  My body and spirit have healed me.  My determination, my research and studies have guided me to put into place a lifestyle that was conducive to this healing.  I maintain it today enthusiastically and happily.

My wish is to share this knowledge with you.  It is to pass onto you this trust so that you may yourself utilize it as a guide, on your own journey to wellness.

Karyn Mikhel, N.D., SES.  AINH and CNQ member.

karynmikhel@icloud.com. 514-730-1875