Health must be looked at as a whole.  

It is the direct and natural result of the flow and balance between all areas of our lives (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc.).  Thus, my approach is focused on enhancing all the different natural health factors so that each person’s own healing abilities may reach their full potential. Consultations are confidential and take place in a judgement free environment :

-Assistance with increased states of overall well-being and health.

– Balancing of diet and nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

-Support for overcoming trauma / chronic pain / anxiety / loss and mourning / mental distress / depression.  

-Help in improving lifestyle so that available energy levels are maximized and extended periods of health, serenity, fulfillment and joy are generated.

-Assistance with general stress reduction, as well as high or chronic stress reduction, by creating new pathways and mechanisms.

-Support with correcting faulty life habits by favoring new balanced ones.

Even though in person consultations are optimal, I offer at a distance meetings in certain cases, depending on what is needed. Consults can be reimbursed in totality or in part by your insurance, if it covers naturopathic care.

Consultation fees are 60$

Karyn Mikhel, N.D., SES. AINH and CNQ member. 514-730-1875